How to choose an Accounting Software 


Different industry will require different solution.

Same industry may have similar but different Needs?


Choosing the right accounting software that suits your business can be a very difficult decision.


Obviously, all accounting software are not equal and itís may measure by various way: 3 Main Considerations:


1.  User Requirements:

  • Preliminary study between the Users and Software Consultant must be performed
  • Users have to know whatís their actual requirement; to make sure the requirements can perform by the software.
  • Management Reports that require by the managements for Planning, Financial or Analysis etc. purposes.


2.  Quality, Functionality or Stability:

  • User Testing, advises from Accounting Software Specialist.


3.  Budget:

  • There is always a budget factors. With this in mind, we have categorized the Accounting Software By $$$.  

















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